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Wednesday, 28 October 2020 13:07

Becoming the Christian God Wants You to Be

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I discovered several valuable lessons about living a Christian life as I studied about the adoption of the new Christian by God upon salvation. It left me wanting to learn more about the unity of believers and how it related to the lessons I had learned. Christian virtues came next and then a study about forgiving one another. I realized I had a series developing on a theme of Christian growth. I had not planned a series, but one topic led to the next. The series seemed complete after a studying of contentment through the peace of God.

Monday, 28 September 2020 12:41

Basichurch Quiz: Paul 1

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T  F  1) Paul mostly liked to preach to people in Israel.

T  F  2) Paul had a rather nice and easy life preaching the gospel.

T  F  3) The city of Antioch was the first place they called the followers of Jesus “Christians.”

Monday, 23 September 2019 11:13

Delight In The Lord (Palm 37:3-5)

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As a Christian, there are certain things you are not supposed to do. its sin, that list of forbidden things. Avoid sinful workarounds. Just Delight in the Lord..  Other people do them.  They seem to enjoy it.  They even talk about how much fun they had.  It is so often said,

Thursday, 02 May 2019 04:58

Test Your Bible Understanding.

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What is the Bible? Quiz: A true or false quiz. (25 Questions)

1. T  F  God gave us the Bible.

2. T  F  God inspired the Bible.

3. T  F  The humanity of the biblical writers introduced errors.

4. T  F  Scribes made errors as they copied the manuscripts.

People do not like to be called by labels. A look at how the Bible uses the word "lost" helps us change our vocabularies as we talk with people about Christ. Ever ask a guy if he is lost. This is one of those issues from the battle of the sexes back in the days before electronic maps.  A guy hates being told he is lost. The wife knows they are lost but the guy refuses to pull over and look at the huge paper map that fills half the windshield and shows the turn he missed. 

Wednesday, 01 May 2019 21:59

Prayer Builds Your Relationship With God

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Pray if you want to live a godly life. It requires prayer time to build our relationship with God. Spend time in prayer if you want to live what the Bible says.  I learned this one Sunday morning from a visiting missionary.  I like to sit near the front in church. I usually sit in the second row right behind the pastor to avoid distractions. Visiting missionaries sit with the pastors in front of me. One week a missionary from Africa sat in front of me. Now I had read that African theology is a little different than ours. I asked him about this expecting him to say well they see this belief like this and that belief like that. Instead he gave me a truism that presents a message for both Africans and Americans.