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This section is where you will find the basic beliefs of presented in a simple and logical manner.

Saturday, 22 February 2020 19:18


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I started to share my Bible studying with others to encourage their walk with God. You can find Bible based studies here. is only a website and is not a church with a congregation.

What’s in a name: I decided years ago, if I were to plant a church, I would call it Basic Church.  When I started this web site instead, I gave it the name Basic Church as best I could.  I had put off getting the domain name too long and somebody else got it. was as close as I could get in a domain name.  So I am using that middle “C” twice and it looks like “basic hurch”.  Oh Well.  When I think of "Basic Church" I think of being Bible centered and not overly focused on any certain doctrines.

About Me: I have a studied engineering and worked in electronics, oil, construction and I have been a credentialed minister. I have spent years of Bible study.  By years of Bible study, I mean that has been my primary occupation.  It is what I do.  That being said, the focus of this website is the Bible and Christianity.  I am providing Bible studies that have been researched out and are useful to ministers and teachers.  There is lighter material of interest to Christians in general well as.

I was blessed to attend a church for almost a decade that had several full time Bible translators in attendance. Not everyone gets access to such scholars for so many years as I did. I was able to pick their brains on a regular basis and was able to learn a lot from them. I learned what resources to use and which to avoid in my studies. My studies are now the product of what I learned about how to study the Bible and accessing the original languages in a careful and patient manner. I use an extensive digital library in my studies to dig out details that help a person understand the Bible better.

I take the Bible literally except where the text indicates a figurative sense.  The Book of Revelation would not be my favorite book, but I do love biblical poetry.  I go with the results of my own careful study rather than adhering to any certain dogma, but my theology is not different from what is commonly found within evangelical circles. 

Thank you for visiting.

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