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Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray

  “Fragments of Truth” (77 min.)
Combats the claim that the text of the Bible has been changed and the original text is no longer available to us. They show how impossible it would have been to change the Bible. I was double checking a few things before quoting it and found Craig Evans made a comment about the early church father Tertullian that was incorrect, but it did not affect the point he was

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 23:29

The Different Views Of God

A flow chart to that clearly shows the differences between the different beliefs about God. Whit this chart is simple to show the difference views of God.

A review of Faithlife TV.

Faithlife TV is a Christian streaming channel with informative programming at a reasonable cost and

Who is Jesus? Quiz: Keep your Bible Knowledge and understanding honed with a Basic church Bible Quiz. This Quiz presents questions about Jesus Christ and His role in our salvation

True or False

  1. Jesus was just a good guy.
  2. Jesus was a lunatic.
  3. Jesus was the son of God.
  4. Jesus was human.
  5. We cannot know the true history of Jesus.
  6. The Bible is the only ancient source that talks about Jesus.
  7. The miracles of Jesus were faked.
  8. Jesus had Brothers
  9. Jesus was raised from the dead.
  10. Jesus lived a sinless life.
Wednesday, 01 May 2019 22:15

A Study On Chaff In Bible Times.

This is a Bible word study on chaff in ancient bible times with application and seeks to understand the social role chaff played in their lives to better identify with them and understand the parables of Jesus.

There are so many Bible translations are available today. Are Bible translations coming faster and faster, a look at if Bible translations publishing rate is increasing.  I grew up in the sixties and seventies with the King James Bible.  A few other translations were available but I didn’t know much about them.  During my college years I saw more of these newer translations.  Today it seems like there are just so many translations.  It seems they are arriving at a faster pace all the time and a person can hardly keep up with them, let alone chose the best one for themselves.  So how bad is it, really?

People do not like to be called by labels. A look at how the Bible uses the word "lost" helps us change our vocabularies as we talk with people about Christ. Ever ask a guy if he is lost. This is one of those issues from the battle of the sexes back in the days before electronic maps.  A guy hates being told he is lost. The wife knows they are lost but the guy refuses to pull over and look at the huge paper map that fills half the windshield and shows the turn he missed. 

Wednesday, 01 May 2019 21:59

Prayer Builds Your Relationship With God

Pray if you want to live a godly life. It requires prayer time to build our relationship with God. Spend time in prayer if you want to live what the Bible says.  I learned this one Sunday morning from a visiting missionary.  I like to sit near the front in church. I usually sit in the second row right behind the pastor to avoid distractions. Visiting missionaries sit with the pastors in front of me. One week a missionary from Africa sat in front of me. Now I had read that African theology is a little different than ours. I asked him about this expecting him to say well they see this belief like this and that belief like that. Instead he gave me a truism that presents a message for both Africans and Americans.

Thursday, 02 May 2019 04:58

Test Your Bible Understanding.

What is the Bible? Quiz: A true or false quiz. (25 Questions)

1. T  F  God gave us the Bible.

2. T  F  God inspired the Bible.

3. T  F  The humanity of the biblical writers introduced errors.

4. T  F  Scribes made errors as they copied the manuscripts.

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