I have taken up the hobby of creating original Midi music. I have always preferred instrumentals and I am enjoying my creations. Here are mp3 files of some of my music. Listen and/or download them if you like. People often tell me it sounds like the background music of a movie. I have no idea what genre they would be classified as they are all instrumentals without lyrics.

I seem to enjoy them more than most people, but you might find something you like. There is some variety in them. They are in alphabetical order by file name. I originally posted all of my songs. But they included the good and the ugly ones. I am currently posting the top 15 of my 55 pieces.

License: These copyrighted songs/pieces are “as is” for your enjoyment and are not to be modified without prior written permission granted by Daniel Gray. They may be used in personal and public works with some limitations.

  • Music credit must be given to “Daniel Gray, www.basichurch.org”.
  • The work must not be, or include profane, discriminational, ungodly or anti-Christian material.
  • The final work/product must be free of charge to use/listen to, or view and not sold.


1. If you know what delight sounds like, maybe this catches a glimpse of it. Uses 2 pianos, 2 guitars with drums. Named: A Measure of Delight. File: A_measure_of_Delight.mp3



2. This is my first song using the Ample guitar M II Lite. Drums accompany it. Not named yet. File: Ample1.mp3


3. Piano, strings, bass, and drums. Named: City Life. File: CityLife.mp3


4. The coffee tends to resist mixing with cream. Tension builds and the swirling begins. Enjoy your coffee, black. Piano, strings, bass, and drums. Name: Coffee And Cream. File: CoffeeAndCream.mp3


5. This is the kind of music a father might write when his daughter moves out to marry her husband. Guitar,piano, strings, and drums. Not named yet. File: Melody27c.mp3


6. A very peaceful piece. Piano, saxophones, Bass, Sonatina Tuba, and drums with sound effects. Not named yet. File: Melody 36b.mp3


7. A beautiful calming piece, Piano, Sonatina tuba, drums. Not named yet. File: Melody37c.mp3


8. A interesting piece that reminds me of people in a disagreement. Organ, piano, bass. The Argument. File: Melody39.mp3


9. I named it The Enchanted Forest, I am told it is a happy enchantment. A relaxing piece. Piccolo, 2 guitars, bass, and drums. Named: Enchanted Forest. File: Melody42b.mp3


10. A low keyed mellow piece but not boring. Piano, guitar, bass, strings, and drums. Not named yet. File: Melody44.mp3


11. A simple piece with 2 guitars, bass, and drums. Not named yet. File: Meloday50a.mp3


12. This is a busy Piece with 6 instruments. 2 guitars, piano, ukulele, bass, and drums. Not named yet. File: Melody58.mp3


13. This is the one piece where my wife said she thought I was on to something. Guitars, bass, drums, The piano carries the melody as the organ sets the rhythm. Not named yet. File: Melody64.mp3


14. 2 Pianos, organ, bass, and drums. Not named yet. File:Melody70b .mp3


15. A fun energetic piece. Imagine your neighborhood jogger loving every moment and making the most of every step. Piano, synthesizer, strings, flute, saxophones, and sound effects. Named: The Happy Jogger. File:The_Happy_Jogger.mp3


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