Last updated: October 17, 2020


Analytics system
As is common practice for web sites the website uses web analytics such as Google Analytics and proprietary analytics systems. Google Analytics is available to every webmaster. The internet protocol address of each visitor is recorded along with the time of visit. Pages visited are tracked and the flow of traffic through the site is analyzed via Google Analytics. Geolocation data is estimated based on the internet protocol address of visitors. The analytics system does not collect personal identifiable information such as names, emails addresses etc.


System Security
Basichurch takes the security of the website and visitor information seriously. The system is automatically monitored for unauthorized changes. has multiple layers of security in place for protection against hackers. The security software identifies hacker attempts and bans them from the site forever. It is recommended visitors enter at or a search engine link and use the menu system or onsite links to navigate the site to avoid being identified as a hacker. (false positive.)


The website uses cookies. Google may also use cookies with visitors.


Personal Information collects and stores information entered in forms by visitors. Information entered in the Comments form are collected and stored by This information includes names, email addresses, messages and optionally a website URL if entered. Email addresses are not published, sold, or shared. Other information associated with qualifying comments are shared on by publishing qualifying comments on at our discretion. The Contact form collects names, email addresses, subjects, and messages. Some or all of this information may be stored on the server. It is also emailed to an administrator who reads it.