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I have taken up the hobbie of creating music with Midi. Here are the mp3 files of my music. It is all instrumental with out lyrices. People often tell me it sounds like the back gruond music of a movie.

Thursday, 13 August 2020 01:32

Original Music by Daniel Gray

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I have taken up the hobby of creating original music with Midi using Cakewalk since the Covid-19 pandemic started. I have always preferred instrumentals and I am enjoying my creations. Here are the mp3 files of my music. Listen and/or download them if you like. They are all instrumentals without lyrics.

I seem to enjoy them more than most people but you might find something you like. There is some variety in them. They are in the order I wrote them so the get a little better toward the bottom, yet my favorites are spread throughout. There are 28 songs posted now.

People often tell me it sounds like the background music of a movie.  I have no idea what genre they would be classified as. They are for your enjoyment as is and are not to be modified unless permission is granted.


1. This was the first song I did. Thus, the name "My Simple Tune." It uses Piano, guitars and drums. Simple and mellow.


2. My second song was originally called "slow run"  but it has been renamed as "Dripping Honey." It has pianos and drums. It is not really all that slow and the addition of drums makes it seem faster.


3. This is my first use of distortions which at the time I thought of as synthesizers. It is called "Synt2" for lack of a better name.

"Synth2C" is a remixed airy sounding version I made after I had more experience.


4. "Saxophone Meadow" is a slow clean and peaceful piece using a piano and saxophones


5. "Screamo" gets its name from the sound of it. It is Piano and strings fed through distortion.


6. "Smooth" is another peaceful piece. It is using guitar, strings and saxophones.


7. "Coffee and Cream" is one of my favorites. There is tension between the coffee and the cream as they swirl around in the cup because coffee would rather not have cream in it.


8. "Brass Melody" uses piano, saxophones, bass, and drums.


9. The Happy Jogger is an interesting and more energetic piece with a nice melody. It uses piano, synthesizer, strings, flute, saxophone, and drums along with distortions.


10. "Merry Hearted" (file name:Melody3b.mp3) is happy and upbeat. Using Piano, guitars, strings, saxophones, and drums. it has distortion on the guitar and drums.


11. "With determination" (filename:melody9b) uses strings, cymbals, and piano to produce a sense of plodding forward undeterred.


12. "Conversations" (filename:Meleody_10b) uses strings and piano to produce a playful tune.


13. "Thinking of You"  (filename:Melody_12.mp3) a somewhat somber yet too happy to be called "Missing You" tune.


14. "Contentment" (filename:Melody_13c.mp3) Is a slow and quit piece. It used piano, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, and subtle drums .

15. "The Joy of Working" (filename:Melody_14b.mp3) this piece uses a nylon stung guitar ran through distortions, piano and a subtle synthesizer. Maybe not the best piece but it has some interesting sounds.

16. "Lovely Eyes" (filename:Melody_15.mp3) A slow romantic piece. The bridge generates a stare into the eyes which is broken by the piano. Piano and saxophones.

17. "Just A Musing" (filename:Molody_16.mp3) A slow and playful piece with the instruments playing with and around each other. Piano, strings, and flute.

18. Not named yet. Leave a note below with your name suggestions. (filename:Melody_17-3.mp3) An interesting piece. Uses piano, strings, saxophone, guitar, and drums.


19. "She Said Yes!" (filename:Melody_18c.mp3) Whether it was a date, dance, or marriage, after the dreaded time before asking, He is finally happy because she said yes. Piano, flute, guitar, and drums.


20. "City Life" Piano, strings, bass, and drums.


21. Not named yet. Leave a note below with your name suggestions. (filename:Melody_19.mp3) slow and somber. Pianos, flute, strings, saxophone, tuba, and drums.


22. Not named yet. Leave a note below with your name suggestions. (filename:Melody_20.mp3) A sweet sounding peaceful piece. Piano, saxophones, and tubas.


23. Not named yet. Leave a note below with your name suggestions. (filename:Melody_21.mp3) A nice piece composed of horns and drums.


24. "Adrenaline Rush" (filename:Melody_22.mp3) A smooth yet energetic piece. Pianos, strings, bass, synthesizer, and drums


25. "Good Times" (filename:Melody_23b.mp3) one mostly hears the lead guitar and drums. Piano, guitars, bass, and drums.


26. "Contortions" (filename:Melody_24a.mp3) A mess of crazy chords. I was wondering at times if I could get it to work. I think I managed.


27. Not named yet. Leave a note below with your name suggestions. (filename:Melody25b-remix.mp3). This piece has wide variation in the use of the instruments that maintains a person's interest. Heavy on the drums and pedel to the metal most of the way. Piano, bass, guitars, and drums.

28. Not named yet. This is the kind of music a father might write when his daughter moves out to marry her husband. Guitar,piano, strings, and drums.