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I like Faithlife TV. Although it is still young, I believe it is the best chance we have of there being a good Christian streaming service. They are adding new things all the time. I am happy to share this resource with everyone.

Sunday, 29 September 2019 20:13

Heavens To Betsy Movie Review

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Movie review:

Heavens to Betsy develops the concept of why God does not always answer prayer in a very surprising way. It is a funny and heart touching movie about prayer. 

  “Fragments of Truth” (77 min.)
Combats the claim that the text of the Bible has been changed and the original text is no longer available to us. They show how impossible it would have been to change the Bible. I was double checking a few things before quoting it and found Craig Evans made a comment about the early church father Tertullian that was incorrect, but it did not affect the point he was

A review of Faithlife TV.

Faithlife TV is a Christian streaming channel with informative programming at a reasonable cost and