“Fragments of Truth” (77 min.)
Combats the claim that the text of the Bible has been changed and the original text is no longer available to us. They show how impossible it would have been to change the Bible. I was double checking a few things before quoting it and found Craig Evans made a comment about the early church father Tertullian that was incorrect, but it did not affect the point he was

making. Evans was talking about the longevity of the manuscripts which is correct. They were used for centuries.  He incorrectly added that Tertullian was fighting changes made to the manuscript when instead it was bad doctrine and the standard by which doctrine is weighed. Evans was right on about what Peter, Bishop of Alexandria said. Overall very well done and informative. This is one I watched several times. My sister-in-law said, “This is the kind of show you search the History Channel for and are lucky to find.”

“Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace” (77 min.)
This is the story of a theologian during the Second World War, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He was a voice in the wilderness when most of Germany seemed to lose their way of faith. Many still read his writings.  He was part of a group of people that tried to assassinate Hitler. They came close but not quite.  If you like this kind of a show you might also like a couple of books I read years ago. They are still available on Amazon. “Theologians Under Hitler” by Robert P. Ericksen and “A Child’s War: World War II Through the Eyes of Children” by Kati David.

“Through the Eyes of Spurgeon” (118 min.)
Spans the story of Spurgeon’s ministry.  He was known as the Prince of Preachers.

“The Cowboy and the Shepherd” (9 min. Yes it is short.)
A pastor’s thoughts about his approach to ministry in rural America.

“Faith and Film Making.” (9 short episodes)
The first few episodes were totally fun. They viewed different genres of film.  Later episodes interviews people in different roles of film production. The point is to help both those making Christian movies and those view them to understand movies better.

“C.S. Lewis On Stage: The most reluctant convert” (77 min.)
An actor presents the story of Lewis’s conversion using Lewis’s own words.  Lewis wrote the Chronical of Narnia, The Screw Tape letters and others.

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