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Live Fully For God.


Live Fully For God

The Christian life is not something one takes lightly. It requires work to keep our relationship with God fresh and vibrant. Articles in this category are intended to provoke thought about one’s personal walk with Christ. To cause a person to think about their life and challenge them to improve.

Thursday, 10 March 2022 15:55

Does Job Fear God For Nothing?

Written by Daniel Gray

One time God and Satan were having a discussion about a man named Job who served God devoutly. In fact, God says there is no one like Job, blameless, upright, God fearing, and avoiding evil.[1] Satan asked God, “Does Job fear God for nothing?”[2] The question asserts that Job only serves and honors God because of all the blessings he receives from God.

Monday, 07 February 2022 10:06

Stepping Out In Faith

Written by

Sometimes we come to a situation in life when our faith leads us in a different direction than conventional wisdom would. This disparity produces a dilemma, “Do we trust our faith or our wisdom?” Ezra faced such a situation and chose to trust his faith by stepping out in faith.

Ezra was about to lead a large group of Israelites from Babylon to Jerusalem. The journey could be dangerous and conventional wisdom demanded an armed escort but, his faith assured him they would be safe without one. Ezra explained the lack of an escort to the people as they worshiped God and prayed for traveling mercies for the journey as they prepared to step out in faith.

For I was ashamed to request from the king troops and horsemen to protect us from the enemy on the way, because we had said to the king, “The hand of our God is favorably disposed to all who seek Him, but His power and His anger are against all those who abandon Him.”
Ezra 8:22 (NASB 2020)
Wednesday, 19 January 2022 20:17

A False Sense of Safety: Take Heed

Written by Daniel Gray

 The lines across the road marking a crosswalk invite people into a zone of safe passage. But I do not see safety. I see the crosswalk offering little more than a false sense of safety, after all it offers no barrier to harm but only a hope that cars will stop and wait for a person to cross. People feel safer than they really are within the crosswalk zone.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 09:15

Living A Life After God’s Own Heart.

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After Saul had offered the burnt offering to the Lord instead of waiting for Samuel to arrive, Samuel said to him,[1]

“But now your kingdom shall not endure. The Lord has sought out for Himself a man after His own heart, and the Lord has appointed him as ruler over His people, because you have not kept what the Lord commanded you.”
1 Samuel 13:14 (NASB95)

This little statement, “A man after His own heart” comes with little explanation. This phrase spoken to King Saul by God’s mouthpiece, the prophet Samuel is not about Saul but rather about his replacement, David. The one that God sees as a person after his own heart is David.  Now, David is a man we soon understand to be imperfect and one who commits grievous sins against God. We wonder how David can be an example of a person after God’s own heart. How can we hope to live a life after God’s own heart ourselves?

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 13:07

Becoming the Christian God Wants You to Be

Written by Daniel Gray

I discovered several valuable lessons about living a Christian life as I studied about the adoption of the new Christian by God upon salvation. It left me wanting to learn more about the unity of believers and how it related to the lessons I had learned. Christian virtues came next and then a study about forgiving one another. I realized I had a series developing on a theme of Christian growth. I had not planned a series, but one topic led to the next. The series seemed complete after a studying of contentment through the peace of God.

Friday, 09 October 2020 20:15

The Art of Contentment

Written by Daniel Gray

Are you content in your life? What is it to be truly content anyway? Look to Job and Paul in the bible as examples of content people. From these two men we can learn how we ourselves can become content also. We to can practice true contentment.

Monday, 21 September 2020 05:49

A Grateful Heart is a Forgiving Heart

Written by Daniel Gray

I have heard people say, “I do not have to forgive someone if they have not asked me for forgiveness.” But as I have studied forgiveness as it relates to our fellow human, I have found this statement is unfounded. It has no basis in scripture.