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Logos Bible Software Tutorials


Logos Bible Software Tutorials

Practical tutorials to help a person get the most out of their Logos Bible Software by using it effectively.

Saturday, 12 October 2019 19:54

1. Introduction To Logos 8 Tips.

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Introduction to Logos 8 Tips: A hands on tutorial. Search Logos better. Work smarter by knowing what Logos can do. Layouts, Collections, Search & Notes. The time to spent learning how to use Logos well will multiply many times over in time savings over the years to come.  This introduction gets you ready for the tutorials.

Saturday, 12 October 2019 20:44

2. Making Logos 8 Do The Work. Using Logos Layouts.

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Logos 8 can do a lot in the background to make your work easier when it is set up properly for your work style.  You can have Logos 8 do the heavy work of setting up your workspace for a new project with a couple of clicks. Have the resources you need at your fingertips without rethinking your workflow.  Then you have a layout you are familiar with and everything is exactly where it was last the last time you used Logos 8.  It is easy by using Layouts and the shortcuts bar.

Saturday, 12 October 2019 21:56

3. Searching Well With Logos 8.

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Even if you have used Logos for years, this article will jump your Logos 8 searching to a whole new level and save you time. Not search correctly is like reading the wrong page of a book.  You may have the information you need and think you do not have it or that it does not exist only because of an poor search.  Searching well lets you give you best to your ministry.

You can reduce your effort in searching by using collections to limit your library to resources most relevant to your search.  It gives you fewer search results that searching your complete library would.  You also find useful information more readily when you use collection to search where the information is.