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Tuesday, 15 September 2020 20:49

Recommended Bible Study Resources Introduction

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I like to get it right when I study the Bible. That is really important. So I spend the time to research it out. I check to see if there are textual issues that could affect the meaning. I patiently wade through the lexicons to learn the meaning of the original language words. Sometimes I look in the grammars at things I do not understand to be sure I am understanding the passage correctly. Figures of speech come in here also. If I have questions that are not resolved at this point, I check the commentaries, journals, and other relevant resources. I feel that you have got to have the tools to do your work. Guidance on the right tools to get can save a lot of time and money. These recommendations a not for everyone, they are for those who like to get their Bible study done right. I have started with some resources for those doing in depth work. I hope you people will pickup some good working habits from this. I will list other resources that are helpful for the average person with some tips on how to not say more than you know, wich is done too often.


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