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Topics About The Bible


Topics About The Bible

This category includes articles about the Bible. They cover topics that include what the Bible is and how we got it.


Tuesday, 22 September 2020 16:15

What is a Bible Translation?

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What is a bible translation and what should you expect from your bible? This article discusses the various translation philosophies and what to look for and the pitfalls to avoid in choosing a bible translation.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 23:14

Bible Versification

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Bible Versification: Those Bible Verses Are Not Miss Numbered.

Sometimes there are variations in the way different Bible translations or versions label verses. All verse identifications are man-made and not considered "God inspired." If you are reading a book that references a verse where the author uses one translation and you look the verse up in a different translation, there is a possibility you will discover the verse is not the one you expected. Maybe it is not that the book gave you the wrong verse. A person should suspect versifications differences when they find a verse saying something totally different than it should have. One should first make sure they are in the correct place. Then one should investigate the surrounding verses to find the verse of interest. It may be identified differently but should basically say the same thing and it will usually be in the same order among other verses.


There are so many Bible translations are available today. Are Bible translations coming faster and faster, a look at if Bible translations publishing rate is increasing.  I grew up in the sixties and seventies with the King James Bible.  A few other translations were available but I didn’t know much about them.  During my college years I saw more of these newer translations.  Today it seems like there are just so many translations.  It seems they are arriving at a faster pace all the time and a person can hardly keep up with them, let alone chose the best one for themselves.  So how bad is it, really?